Terporium – Auto Spinner Marble Sets (Teal)


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Need an affordable Auto Spinner Marble Set? Our new solid color glass Auto Spinner Sets have your back. Available in several colors, including Teal, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow, and Red. Although these sets are made for Auto-Spinner/Tourbillion style bangers, they are also compatible with other banger styles with a top diameter between 18-25mm (so Terp Slurpers, Samurai Blenders, etc).

Set includes: 

  • Top Marble (25mm)
  • 2 Terp Pearls (6mm)

Marble Set Features:

  • Borosilicate glass
  • Retains heat for a tasty low-temperature delivery
  • Disperses concentrates to reduce waste and prevent burning
  • Aesthetically pleasing and functional

Note: Banger not included, used to show function


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