Honeybee Herb Flower Bowl – FB-3 Green (14mm Green Line)


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Introducing the Honeybee Herb FB-3 Flower Bowl, also known as the industry name bong bowl piece – a gorgeous, unique must-have that will make your next waterpipe experience truly special! Hand-crafted from high quality glass, each Flower Bowl comes in one of four stunning colors: green, black, blue and clear. The colored options come with a colored accent ring around the top edge while the clear version is completely clear throughout. This beautiful bong bowl also features 2 lips at the top and bottom that provide extra grip to easily remove it when needed. With its smooth and exquisite design, you’re sure to get an unforgettable smoking experience.

These unique flower bowls are an excellent choice for those seeking an elevated smoking experience that combines style and durability. Whether lounging after a long day or getting together with friends, the bong bowl piece is sure to be the perfect addition to your favorite waterpipe. So go ahead – treat yourself to something special today!

  • Retail Unit: One (1) Bowl
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Joint: Male

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