SLX 2″ (50mm) v2.5 Grinder


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We asked grinder owners what they wanted in a perfect tobacco grinder. Answer: 91% want a grinder that never sticks.

Meet SLX: The world’s first SELF-CLEANING grinder

Introducing Cerami-Coat

  • Ultra low friction ceramic coating
  • Repels water and oils
  • SLX the only grinder that Never Sticks and never needs cleaning.
  • Formulated to eliminate friction and prevent debris from building up on the cutting area
  • Cerami-Coat provides an effortless grind and annihilates “cleaning” from your customer’s vocabulary.
  • SLX shatters every expectation of what a perfect grinder should be

Smooth as silk… And tough as nails

  • Developed from materials that reduce friction on industrial blades and cutting tool
  • It will never chip, flake, or burn
  • Literally repels sticky buildup
  • Say “goodbye” to stuck grinders and difficult turning.
  • NO Teflon, PTFE, or other toxic chemicals!
  • FDA certified for food contact

The NEW SLX version 2.5 four piece grinders are all FULLY coated with their exclusive non-stick ceramic coating that never needs cleaning. The 2″ model is a great Pocket Size grinder

The unique screen design eliminates threads. The screen easily drops into place in the bottom section and screws securely to the 2nd stage. Without the screen the bottom stage stores 2 grams.

The coating is extremely durable and any part that ever fails will be replaced at no charge by SLX.

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