Sapphyre Nicotine


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A simple and easy to use concentrated nicotine solution that can be added to any 0 mg e-Liquid.

Available in 10% and 20% 0.9 mL concentrations & a 1.8 mL 20% & 40% concentration to make it easy to add nicotine to any size bottle.

This is a highly concentrated, hazardous substance intended for dilution before use. Do not ingest directly. Wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles when handling this product. If contact is made with the skin or eyes, wash thoroughly with warm water. Do not use a partial amount once the vial is cut open. Use the full recommended amount and promptly dispose of any remainder along with the plastic vial immediately.

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0.9ml 10%, 0.9ml 20%, 1.8ml 20%, 1.8ml 40%


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