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Be certain your body is drug free with Quick Test Plus. This new 10 panel drug test gives you accurate and reliable results within minutes.

What Is Quick Test Plus Drug Test Kit?
Quick Test Plus Drug testing 10-panel kit provides you with a reliable way to test urine for 10 common drugs of abuse in the privacy of your own home. This kit includes everything you need to get accurate drug test results within minutes. Each test contains the following listed below and rapidly test for all drugs listed below the item description.

Please note:
The sample in the Quick Test Plus is only for the user to verify the testing strip is accurate, (what a negative reading would look like)
You can then test your own urine sample and compare the testing result. This is not a Quick Fix kit with a temp strip and heating pad.

Included in every kit:

  • (2) 10- Panel Drug Tests strips for dipping
  • (2) Sample Collection cups
  • (1) 3oz synthetic urine sample
  • (1) Instruction use sheet
  • The following drugs will be tested by the provided control panel.
  • 1. Marijuana- THC
  • 2.Amphetamine-AMP
  • 3.Barbiturates-BAR
  • 4.Cocaine-COC
  • 5.Ecstasy-MDMA
  • 6.Benzodiazepines-BZO
  • 7.Methamphetamine-MET
  • 8.Oxycodone-OXY
  • 9.Morphine-MOP
  • 10.Phencyclidine-PCP



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