Xstream Fetish Urine 3 fl. oz.


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XStream Fetish Urine contains all the same qualities and chemical composition as human urine (minus the toxins and bad bacteria) so it’s a perfect substitute for your own whiz. Each bottle of XStream contains our highly advanced formula, complete with amino acids, proteins, creatinine, uric acid, urea, and many more ingredients commonly found in urine. This golden nectar even has the same specific gravity and pH balance of the stuff your body makes naturally. XStream even looks like, smells like, and foams like pee! Plus, since it can be used by both men and women, it’s the perfect fetish urine to get piss-freaky with!

XStream is so realistic, even urine testing laboratories use it to help calibrate their urinalysis equipment! Since XStream is identical to human urine but doesn’t contain toxins, many labs will use this fetish formula as a control sample to make sure their equipment isn’t giving any false readings. XStream is so lifelike, even the machines designed to test human urine can’t tell the difference between our fetish piss and real pee! If it’s authentic enough to pass a urine test, we’re sure it’ll be authentic enough for all your kinky needs.

Each bottle of XStream comes with 3oz of premixed fetish urine as well as a temperature strip to help you get your sample to body temperature, a hand warmer to keep your urine at body temperature for at least 6 hours, and a rubber band to attach the hand warmer to the bottle.

Using XStream is easy! Shake well, open the bottle, microwave it for 10 seconds until the temperature strip reads between 94-100 degrees, replace the cap, and you’re good to go! If you need to keep it warm for awhile, open the hand warmer, shake it to activate, and attach it to the bottle (on the opposite side as the temperature strip) using the rubber band. When you’re ready, give it one last shake to get it foamy and double check the temperature strip to make sure it’s at body temperature (94-100 degrees). Then, open the flip-top cap and empty your liquid gold wherever you want it!

XStream is the most advanced fetish urine formula on the market. Praised by both health-conscious urine fetishists and lab techs who need a guaranteed clean, control sample of urine, XStream is perfect for every situation where you need a safe substitute for your own whiz!


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