King Palm Wraps – Mojito Ice (2-Pack)


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Flavors of lime, mint, and sugar come together to make this mojito flavored masterpiece.  Have you ever been drinking a cocktail and enjoying the taste of it but wished it gave you the effects of weed?  Well, you can get the best of both worlds with King Palm’s Mojito Ice Wraps.  King Palm brought out the big guns in the name of flavor for these signature flavored wraps.  You’ll get a delightful mix of the two flavors with the mint carried in the filter tip and the mojito flavor applied onto the leaf wrap.

  • 2 Mojito XL Wraps
  • 2 Mint “Squeeze & Pop” Filter Tips
  • 100% Palm Leaf
  • Roll your own product
  • Tobacco Free
  • Slow Burning

Each pack of King Palm Mojito Ice Wraps comes with two flavored wraps and two flavored filter tips.  All pieces are separate in the package to roll your own product; King Palm wants you to have complete control over how you roll your smoke.  You can roll it as thick or thin as you want, and you can use your hands or a roller machine.  Simply place your herb of choice in the wrap, place the filter tip at the top with the end aligned with the edge of the wrap, and roll it up!  Then, just light up your joint, squeeze the filter tip to release the mint flavor, and begin to enjoy the fresh and zesty aromas. King Palm wraps are 100% biodegradable; they are an everyday smoking essential that doesn’t carry the weight of being a harmful or unethical product.  Each wrap is carefully plucked from the Cordia dichotomy, a flowering tree with an abundance of leaves that live a short life naturally.  Each leaf is hand-picked and washed before being flavored and packaged.  These wraps are tobacco-free and flavored with only the most natural products, no wacky chemicals or additives.  

King Palm’s flavored filter tips are also a healthy and eco-friendly option.  Our filter tips are made from corn husks, a natural fibrous material that does the job of filtering in a cool and smooth puff of smoke.  Our corn husk filter tips also filter out any possible weed or ash from sneaking in.  King Palm adds the fresh minty flavor using essential oils, which are condensed into a bead-like ball.  Just squeeze the filter tip to pop the bead and release the delicious flavor.

You will never open up a King Palm product to find flavored wrap dried out and stale.  King Palm is innovating the products used for joints and blunts, and freshness remains the number one priority.  Our all-natural materials are porous and do a great job keeping the right amount of moisture and holding on to flavor.  This superior quality also means that you’re going to have a great smoke too.  King Palm wraps burn slow and evenly, with the filter tips providing an additional barrier to provide that slow, cool inhale of smoke.

So what are you waiting for?  Instead of grabbing a lousy six-pack of Budlight before heading to your next social gathering, provide yourself with the luxury experience of smoking King Palm’s Mojito Ice wraps.


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