Grunge Off Super Soaker 16 fl.oz.


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Grunge Off has been a long-standing bong cleaner for years. Grunge Off Super Soaker cleaner has been specially formulated for glass, but it also completely removes excess build-up on almost any surface. The Grunge Off Super Soaker doesn’t require any shaking or scrubbing. It is even solvent-free and doesn’t use any abrasives.

Much like our product Smoke Soap, Grunge Off uses powerful natural ingredients to loosen the bonds holding resin and other gunk to your pipe and makes it easy to wash them away. This cleaner is reusable and made in the USA. Their exclusive formula achieves clean results in just a short time.

Grunge Off Super Soaker
Reusable and solvent-free
16 oz bottle
Made specifically for glass cleaning

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Super Soaker 16 fl oz


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