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Story time!

The guys at FTP were beating their heads against a wall (figuratively) trying to make a super-high-potency uncut cartridge vapeable. Problem was that CBD really wants to crystallize at concentrations over 60%, which meant that the X2 was about the end of the line in terms of cartridge strength. They grappled with this problem for almost a year.

But then! There was a breakthrough.

Enter…the EliteHEAT.

This bad boy is the grooviest 510-thread-compatible cartridge battery you’ll ever see. It’s got an awesome warming chamber that ensures even the thickest, most crystallized cartridges can flow and provide a consistent vaping experience.

You can use the EliteHEAT with any 510-thread cartridge as a premium battery with multiple voltages and a preheat setting, but where it really shines is that warming chamber. Try it and you’ll see for yourself!

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EliteHEAT Battery Kit


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