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Award-winning Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee e-liquids now available at KLOWDZ!

We know what you are thinking: “a coffee vape!? no thank you!” and that was also our first reaction. However we have tried all Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee and we are absolutely in love with their flavors. Nitro’s has been racking up awards these last few weeks, most recently ‘Best Beverage’ at the Dallas Vape Expo, and ‘Best Coffee’ at the UK Vape Expo. Their 3 flavors use a very unique cooling agent that give you that smooth coffee flavor followed by a gently burst of ice in the back of your throat. So special and a must try. We have samples in our store!

Here are the 3 flavors:

WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA: a tasty iced white chocolate mocha that combines a cold brewed coffee with white mocha and will bring your taste buds to life
MACCHIATO: their signature iced caramel macchiato, that’s a delightful chilled espresso, made to jumpstart your morning!
VANILLA BEAN: watch out for this familiar cool caramel and vanilla bean coffeehouse favorite!

Available in 100ml bottles, in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine levels

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