URB Infinity+ 6g Disposable – Orangeade (Sativa/Hybrid)


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Discover the ultimate cannabis experience with our exclusive, limited edition  THC Infinity+ blend.  Crafted for connoisseurs seeking unparalleled satisfaction, THC Infinity+ combines the potency of  D8, CBDA Live Resin, THCA, THCP, and THCH in perfect harmony, available for a limited time only. 

A vibrant and uplifting Sativa-dominant strain that bursts with citrusy goodness.  Orangeade fills the air with the zesty aroma of freshly peeled oranges, invigorating the senses with its bright and tangy fragrance, reminiscent of ripe oranges and tart grapefruits.  The ideal companion for daytime adventures or moments of creative inspiration.

Indulge in your vaping experience with Urb’s largest vape to date: The 6ML Smart Device

The Smart Screen gives the user battery life and voltage indicators. Variable voltage allows the user to dial in their preferred temperature setting between 2.8V, 3.0V, and 3.3V.

Easy use Auto Draw along with a first to market Boost Button function, giving 3x power for standard or massive hits.

Dual Coil

Two of our patented Flavmax ceramic coils, designed with 12-15μm micropores, the scientific pore distribution and even heat distribution effectively atomizes a wider variety of terpenes and delivers more flavor and taste. Flavmax makes the consistency error of porosity less than 2%, which makes sure the max product experience is consistent.

Device Instructions:

2 Clicks: Preheat

3 Clicks: Change Voltage

5 Clicks: On/Off

Auto Draw:

Click and Hold for Turbo Hit

Explore a symphony of sensations with our six expertly formulated strains, each meticulously crafted using premium terpenes.  Whether seeking the tranquility of indicas or the invigoration of sativas, our strains cater to every preference and mood.

Embrace the extraordinary and elevate your vaping experience today with our THC Infinity+ blend, available exclusively while supplies last.



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