Safeguard UPass Fetish Urine 3oz


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Upass 8.4 by Safeguard labs is a unisex blend, with pre-mixed urea. This urine kit contains proper Ph levels creating gravity color, and foam.
The box contains:
1- 3oz Upass Synthetic Urine Kit (with temperature strip mounted)
2- 8 hour organic heating pad
3- set of easy-to-follow instructions
4- rubber band
Upass synthetic urine is a dominating brand of fake urine, which is developed by Safeguard laboratories. Upass version 8.4 has been used by millions of people.
Upass 8.4 contains:
Proper creatinine levels
Specific gravity (more on this later)
pH balance
Urea, uric acid
Right Color & Odor
Correct foam

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