NEON – 5x Premium Butane (300ml/10.14 fl.oz.)


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With NEON 5x Premium Ultra Refined Butane Gas you’ll be able to easily refill your favorite torches & lighters without spending a fortune! Tested by butane enthusiasts, NEON’s Filtered Butane competes with the very best name brands and contains 5 times less particles than Newport, Vector, King, Spark, Fasfil, Power, whip-it, and many others. NEON Butane even compares to the highly popular Zippo brand, matching Zippo in quality PPM tests while remaining lower in cost. Provide maximum care and add reliable performance to any of your refillable lighters & torches with NEON Ultra Refined Filtered Butane Gas. 

  • Designed for Refillable Torches & Lighters
  • NEON 5x Premium Ultra Refined Butane
  • Can Size – 300mL / 10.14 FL Oz.
  • Maximum Care & Performance
  • Near Zero Impurities
  • Filtered Butane
  • Easy to Use
  • Odorless
Danger: Extremely flammable do not use near fire or flame,
Keep out of reach of children. 
Do not expose to heat or store at temperature above 110” F
Overheating may cause release of contents from top rim of the can
Container is not refillable


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