King Palm Flavors – Pineapple & Watermelon (2 King Rolls)


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King Palm’s new king-sized Dual Pack will leave you wanting more. Experience the flavors of tangy, sweet pineapple in one roll and fruity notes of watermelon in the other.

Product Details:

  • Each King Roll holds 2 grams
  • Each Pouch Contains 2 King Rolls
  • Each Pouch Contains One Packing Stick

The watermelon and pineapple-flavored pre-roll cones deliver summer flavor, no matter the season. The flavors are all-natural and made from essential oils. You’ll taste our unique flavor capsule during your entire smoking experience. 

These smoking cones are made from Cordia leaves, a natural alternative to rolling papers and tobacco wraps. They burn slowly and evenly, and the smoke is cleaner and smoother than other herb options. The pre-rolled cones don’t contain any added chemicals, GMOs, dyes, or nicotine.

The watermelon and pineapple flavor in these smoking cones comes from the filter. Our filters are made from corn husks, completing the natural, sustainable smoking experience. You just have to squeeze the filter until it pops, and the flavor will subtly enhance every inhale.

The watermelon and pineapple-flavored pre-rolled cones are King-sized. Each cone holds 2 grams of herb, perfect for seasoned smokers. They’re also great to pass around in a group.



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