King Palm – 7mm Flavor Tips (Magic Mint)


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Now you can enjoy the refreshing mint flavor with your choice of herbs and rolling paper. You can also roll a hemp blunt with our flavored filter tips, and enjoy an excellent combination with your herbs. Enjoy a much more premium experience with flavor compared to flavored rolling papers

Smoking herbs using one of our hand-rolled corn husk filter tips will result in a premium experience. The smoke is less harsh, and the flavor from the infused terpenes is refreshing. Experience the best alternative to flavored rolling papers. Instead of adding the flavor directly onto the wrap, we did things differently. Mint flavor activates by squeezing the filter tip, which releases natural terpenes. Lastly, our natural corn husk filters are biodegradable. 

Using flavored rolling papers with top-shelf flowers is an outdated method and has a lot of complaints online. It’s way better to use a King Palm flavored filter tip that’s designed for optimal flavor delivery. The flavor comes from food-grade essential oil that’s infused with natural terpenes. It’s inside of a capsule that releases upon squeezing the corn husk filter tip. 

The 7mm size is ideal for rolling with joints and blunts. It’s our smallest size, and it is incredibly effective. They also won’t shatter like a glass filter tip, another reason to switch.


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