Honeybee Herb Flower Bowl – FB-10 Green (14mm Green Line)


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Our FB-10 Flower Bowl Slides are the perfect accent to any bong or rig! Whether the sun be shining or clouds obscuring your view, these vibrantly colored slides will always bring a pop of color and charm to your smoking setup.

Available in four beautiful shades – blue, red, green, and yellow – these bowl slides feature two small nub handles conveniently designed to make sliding them in and out super easy. Not only do they perform their function as you’d expect, but they’ll definitely help draw eyes in now matter what aesthetic you’re aiming for – be sure to check out all of our options below!

As functional pieces of art that can bring a touch of flare to your environment, these Flower Bowl Slides are an absolute must-have. Check them out today and start living the life you deserve!

  • Retail Unit: One (1) Bowl
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Joint: Male

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