GRAV Pinball Wizard 420 Long-Sleeved Tee


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How do you think he does it? I don’t know!

What makes him so good?

Maybe it’s because he’s in this stellar Pinball Wizard 420 Long-Sleeved Tee?

The front of our Pinball Wizard tee features a stylized GRAV 420 bumper. The right sleeve displays an alternating trio of cannabis leaves, woodsy mushrooms, and an open mouth ready to inhale. 

The back design highlights our Find Your Higher Self tagline and a celestial motif, reimagined into the classic arcade game. 

This navy long-sleeve crew neck tee is made of soft, durable combed & ring-spun cotton that hugs you like an old favorite.

Pull back the plunger and launch your ball (and yourself) into orbit. 

All sizes are unisex.

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