BLANKZ Refillable Pods (4-Pack)


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You can now choose any flavor of vape juice for the most popular smoking alternative with these Refillable Pods from BLANKZPODS.

These empty Pods are capable of holding 1ml of vape juice; that’s 0.3ml more than the standard 0.7ml capacity in the standard non-refillable pods! Filling a BLANKZ Refillable Pod is simple; first step remove both the cap and plastic covering, then fill with the vape juice of your choosing, and reverse step one!

As traditional pods contain 50mg of Nicotine Salt E-Liquid, use Nic Salts with 50mg nicotine strength for consistency similar to the original. BLANKZPODS recommends using 50-80% PG liquid for optimal wicking and flavor. These pods are designed to last for 2-3 refills before replacing.


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