Wotofo Prebuilt Coils (10pc Tube)




Wotofo introduces a range of Prebuilt Coils for the customers who do not have the time for building coils. You can buy 11 different prebuilt coils. The Wotofo prebuilt coils are convenient for those who find coil building boring. These coils offer an outstanding flavor intensity with vast vapor production.

Prebuilt Coils
Using prebuilt coils is the best way to avoid tedious time-consuming work of coiling. This is where the Wotofo prebuilt coils comes in to provide the convenience for rebuilders who may not in the mood of wrapping your coils by hand at times. Wotofo prebuilt coils can eliminate the hassle with its machine-accurate fine work, offering remarkable flavor intensity and immense vapor production.

This Wotofo coil collection contains 11 variations, all in 10pcs/tube packaging:

Prebuilt coilsWotofo Comp Wire Prebuilt Coils: A Must-Have Coil For Vapers
Building Coils are time-taking and tedious. Wotofo believes this must not stop anyone from vaping. Further, vapers who do not have time to build coils need Wotofo prebuilt coils.

The vaper can select from eleven different available coils. All the coils come in a tube-shaped container with 10 pre-built RDA coils.

Here is a list of prebuilt coils from Wotofo.

Braided Coils
The Wotofo braided coils allow the vaper to enjoy an amazing vaping experience. Building a braided coil is a difficult task. Wotofo provides nichrome 80 braided coil with a built-in resistance of 0.24Ω. Here are the details.

Inner Core: 0.3mm by 0.6mm

Outer Wire: 40Gx32

Internal Diameter: 3mm

Dual Core Fused Clapton 0.28 Ohm
Need to wrap thin gauge wire around two or more thick cores to build a Fused Clapton coil. A fused Clapton helps provide a better user experience. Wotofo offers nichrome 80 Dual Core Fused Clapton coils with a 0.28-ohm resistance.

Inner Core: 26Gx2

Outer Wire: 36G

Internal Diameter: 3mm

Dual Core Fused Clapton 0.62 Ohm
It is the same fused Clapton coil but with higher resistance.

Inner Core: 28Gx2

Outer Core: 38G

Internal Diameter: 3mm

Tri-Core Fused Clapton
Wotofo sells a tri-core Fused Clapton coil. As the name suggests, the three thin gauge wires wrap around to make this coil. Tri-Core Fused Clapton coils allow a rich vaping experience. Nichrome 80 Tri-Core Fused Clapton coils provide a 0.17 resistance.

Inner Core: 26Gx3

Outer Wire: 38G

Internal Diameter 3mm

Framed Staple Clapton
Framed staple Clapton is a fusion between fused coil and Staple coil. To build it, use stacked ribbons with thinner wire. Building Framed staple Clapton is a tiresome task. Therefore, Wotofo provides Framed Staple Clapton prebuilt N80 coils with a 0.33-ohm resistance.

Inner Core: 28G+38Gx9+28G

Outer Core: 36G

Internal Diameter: 3mm

Fused Clapton
Thin gauge wire around two or more thick cores to produce a fused Clapton. Wotofo offers N80 Fused Clapton with 0.5-ohm resistance. It is one of the best prebuilt RDA coils.

Inner Core: 26G

Outer Wire: 38G

Internal Diameter: 2.5mm

Juggernaut Coil
The Juggernaut is one of the most durable coils available with a high flavor outcome. Two Clapton coils wrap around a flat wire to give a better surface area for a Juggernaut coil. The N80 Wotofo juggernaut coils come with a 0.28-ohm resistance.

Inner Core: (26G+36G) x2

Outer Wire: 0.1mm x 0.4mm

Internal Diameter: 3mm

Alien Wire 0.30 Ohm
An alien wire is an upgraded version of the Clapton wire. It is a de-cored Clapton wrapped around a multi-strand core. A distinct texture of the outer wire makes it different from the fused Clapton. Wotofo offers prebuilt alien coils with a 0.30 Ohm resistance.


Internal Diameter: 3mm

Alien Wire 0.22 OHM
Wotofo offers prebuilt alien Clapton coils which come at low resistances for sub-ohm vaping. The alien prebuilt coils come at a resistance of 0.22ohm.


Internal Diameter: 3mm

Quad-Core Fused Clapton 0.12ohm
As the name suggests, it is a Clapton coil with four thick cores. This N80 Quad Core Fused Clapton comes with a 0.12-ohm resistance.

Inner Core: 26Gx4

Outer Wire: 36G

Internal Diameter: 3mm

Quad Core Fused Clapton 0.26 Ohm
It is the same quad-core Fused Clapton 0.12 OHM but with higher resistance of 0.26-ohm.

Inner Core: 28Gx4

Outer Wire: 36G

Internal Diameter: 3mm

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Braided N80 0.24ohm, Dual Core Fused Clapton N80 0.28ohm, Framed Staple Clapton N80 0.33ohm, Fused Clapton N80 0.5ohm, Juggernaut N80 0.28ohm, Quad Core Fused Clapton N80 0.26ohm


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