Urb Finest Packaged CBD Flower 3.5g


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Urb is a premier cannabis brand made for the flower enthusiast and connoisseur. Delve into a rich experience, electrify your senses and elevate your mind and body with premium CBD and CBG cannabis strains.

Charlottes Web – Bred by the famous Stanely Brothers, Charlotte’s Web is a Sativa dominant strain with herbal dank and piney terpenes that can make your head and body feel focus, creative and relaxed.
Sativa – CBG: 0.14% | CBD 15.62% | THC Δ-9: 0.11%

Jupiter – OG Kush Precursor, Jupiter is an Indica dominant strain that can provide deep relaxation and cerebral uplifting with an earthy, lime and lemon terpene profile.
Indica – CBG: 0.69% | CBD 9.38% | THC Δ-9: 0.13%

Mountain Mango – Crossbreed of White Widow x Sensi Mango, Mountain Mango is a Hybrid strain boasting a lime green and sticky bud a delicious sweet and tropical terpene profile with a more Indica-like relaxed and somewhat sedative effects.
Hybrid – CBDA: 4.29% | CBD 10% | THC Δ-9: 0.17%

Stormy Daniels – Crossbreed of Trump 1 x Cherry Blossom, Stormy Daniels is an Indica dominant strain that may provide full-bodied, calming and heightening effects that take your body on a sensual and tingling experience.
Indica – CBG: 0.78% | CBD 15.3% | THC Δ-9: 0.10%

White Whale – This CBG dominant sativa strain has white frosted lime green buds with orange hairs, sweet and citrus, hoppy and berry aroma. CBG is the parent molecule of CBD and THC with very promising effects that can amplify other cannabinoids.
Sativa – CBGA: 15% | CBG 2.09% | THCA: 0.2%


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Charlotte's Wife, Jupiter, Mountain Mango, Stormy Daniels, White Whale (CBG)


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