Urb Finest Caviar Pre-Rolls


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Urb is a premier cannabis brand made for the flower enthusiast and connoisseur. Delve into a rich experience, electrify your senses and elevate your mind and body with premium CBD and CBG cannabis strains.

Urb Charlottes Wife CBD Caviar Cones takes your smokeable experience to the next level with 0.8 grams of Charlottes Wife CBD hemp flower, rolled in THC free broad spectrum distallate, which is then coated with Cherry Wine CBD kief.

Charlottes Wife is a sativa strain, making it perfect for use during the daytime, so you’ll have the energy and motivation to achieve your goals while feeling great.

Urb White Whale CBG Caviar Cones will completely elevate your smoke sessions with 0.8 grams of White Whale CBG hemp flower, rolled in THC free broad spectrum CBD distillate, and then topped off with White Whale kief.

White Whale is a sativa dominant strain, making it excpetional for consumption during the day that will give you the energy and motivation to help you get what you need done while feeling exceptional.

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