Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle – Gummies


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Size: 13 oz

  • Long Burn
  • Paraffin/Soy Wax Blend Candle
  • Odor Neutralizing
  • These candles help eliminate odors from cigars, cigarettes, and pipes.

Some scents are seasonal and will not always be available.

Scent descriptions:

420 – It’s HIGHLY likely you will love this fragrance blend of coconut milk, buttercream, fresh pastries, melted chocolate, tonka and touch of musk. So sit back, relax, and experience 420 ANY TIME!
Apple Orchard – A sweet, crisp and juicy Macintosh Apple with delightful fruit notes of Georgia peach.
Bamboo Breeze – An airy, light fragrance best described as fresh and clean.
Bermuda Beach – Lily of the Valley with Honeysuckle & pineapple notes.
Blue Serenity – Fresh and clean plumeria flower from the tropics with hints of orange and jasmine.
Cabin Nights – forged from the amber glow of a cozy campfire with the essence of nightfall musk, citron zest, and white cedar sandalwood.
Caribbean Punch – A tropical vacation captured in this cool and refreshing blend of exotic berries, black currants, red papaya, juicy orange and grapefruit nectar. You’ll drift away into paradise with this fragrance!
Cherry Bomb – A fruity explosion of sparkling grapefruit, dark cherry, black currant, sweet tangerine and more!
Cherry Blossom – a full bouquet of scents including watermelon, red plum, mandarin, cherry blossom, freesia, rose & Sandalwood.
Chill – A blend of peppermint leaf, dark cocoa and delicious vanilla sugar will lift your holiday spirit up a few notches. 
China Rain – A fragrance as exotic as the budding lotus flower.
Cinnamon Apple – A blend of the scent of spicy cinnamon sticks warming on the stove, with the fruity touches of a ripened apple.
Cinnamon Sprinkle – An aroma of spicy cinnamon bubbling out of the center of hot cinnamon rolls. 
Clothesline Fresh – A scent that reminds you of beautiful blue Spring skies, crisp Spring air, and the fresh, clean smell of laundry, sun-drying on the clothesline.
Coconut Grove – Where warm tropical breezes blow succulent fragrances of wild hibiscus, plumeria blossoms, sugared pineapple,papaya and refreshing coconut milk.
Cool Cucumber & Honeydew – A cool, refreshing hint of cucumber blended with the soft sweetness of honeydew, this one is definitely a crowd favorite!
Creamy Vanilla – The ultimate essence of vanilla in this warm, soft, and simply delicious creamy vanilla fragrance.
Dragon’s Blood – A scent of incense with amber and vanilla.
Eufloria – A dreamy fragrance inspired by the mysteries of intoxication.
Evergreen & Berry – The scent of a fresh-cut pine.
Flamingo Bay – Fresh squeezed lemons, sparkling blue water lilies, warm aquatic breezes and a splash of movie star musk
Flower Power – A Bohemian Blend fragrance featuring a kaleidoscope of wild flower essences, morning dew, ylang, pink peony, amber, sandalwood, and soft patchouli, all fused together with the subtle sweetness of papaya and apricots.
Gardenia Delight –  A sweet timeless scent that softly fills the air. It is delicate, smooth, and full of exoticism. One smell and you will be transported to the tropics.
Glazed:  If you like walking into a gourmet bakery with freshly made donuts lining the shelves, you will love Glazed. Where delightful aromas of cooling pastries and vanilla butter cream filled doughnuts take over your senses.
Gummies – Like Opening a bag of your favorite soft chewy candies, gummies are bursting with fruity flavors like black cherry, ripe peach, pink grapefruit & tangy lemon with a hint of vanilla sugar.
Half Baked –  A warm and gooey combination of dark chocolate fudge, cookie dough, patchouli and sweet vanilla.
Happy Daze – Bursting with fruitiness, it’s a sweet blend of lemon, mango, peach, mandarin candy, pineapple, wild melon, and vanilla.
Havana Nights – Reminiscent of bold aromas you find in your favorite tobacco shop. Sweet and woody finished off with a perfect mix of vanilla and tobacco.
HoliBlaze – A seasonal blend of bayberry, eucalyptus, cedar wood and cloves.
Hippie Love – A sweet, entrancing, and fragrant combination of tropical fruits with just a hint of spice, watermelon, and tropical fruit punch.
Island Rain – A tropical fragrance blend of rain soaked palms, bold eucalyptus, soft lavender and sweet hyacinth with a touch of cedar and tonka bean. 
Jolly Joint – A magical blend of frosted cranberries, blue spruce and iced citrus all rolled up to make this a very merry scent to enhance your holiday season
Just Like Home – A welcoming blend of spicy cinnamon, vanilla sugar and notes of orange spice swirled with a dash of eucalyptus, aromatic cloves, and just a touch of cedar.
Kiwi Twisted Strawberry – Fresh strawberries with the added tropical-tart twist of kiwi fruit.
Lavender With Chamomile – An aroma of crisp lavender, infused with chamomile. A sweet, floral fragrance. Lavender and Chamomile is a very popular, year round scent.
Magic Mushrooms – A unique and fascinating blend of hibiscus, lemon, kiwi, Maui passionflower, coconut, tonka bean, pineapple blossom and many other exotic florals. 
Maui Wowie Mango – A Hawaiian combination of juicy mango, fresh peach, and ripe pineapple.
Moonlight – A bountiful harvest of Wild Apples, White Jasmine, Rambler Roses, and Fir Needles with a glimmer of Celestial Tonka Bean, and Musk.
Mulberry & Spice – A wonderful aromatic combination of wild berries, cinnamon sticks, and bitter orange peels.
Munchies – A cornucopia of delicious fragrances you would find at your local foodie festival such as caramel and hot buttered popcorn, freshly made donuts, warm cinnamon churros, sweet dough, vanilla & more!
Nag Champa – A blending of frangipani and sandalwood scents.
Orange Lemon Splash – A unique blend of sweet oranges with a splash of tangy lemons. A sweetened, fresh, and exotic intermingling of citrus fragrances.
Patchouli Amber – A scent featuring geranium, cedar, and patchouli.
Peace & Love – Delicious black currant, Sicilian lemon, Mandarin & raspberry intertwined with star anise, Lavender, heliotrope, patchouli & cedarwood to bring you peace, love, and happiness!
Peace River – A calming and refreshing fragrance blend of waterstone, mandarin, marine accord, jasmine, patchouli, sensual must with a twist of lemon. 
Pine Island Jasmine – A delicate, sweet, and flowery aroma of tropical jasmine. It will leave you dreaming of exotic and mysterious island getaways
Pineapple Coconut – A tropical fragrance, which is a deliciously balanced blend of juicy pineapple and creamy coconut.
Potpaya – Blends creamy sweet papaya, guava nectar, Italian mandarin and fragrant orange zest with lighter notes of peach, violet and sugar crystals. 
Pumpkin & Spice –  A warm blend of buttery pumpkin with nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and ginger.
Rasta Love – A sweet and spicy mix of Valencia oranges, coconuts, cloves, violet petals, sandalwood, golden amber, patchouli, and creamy vanilla.
Rockabilly – Blend of evening iris, blushed suede, Meukow vanilla, burgundy saffron and many other unique scents.
Sandalwood – A distinctive, soft, warm, smooth, creamy and milky precious-wood scent.
Sea Glass – Crisp ocean air with tangerine zests, cool blue waters, sea salt crystals and island jasmine drifting onto the amber sandy shores.
Southern Magnolia – A gorgeous new floral scent as beautiful as the majestic flower itself. With notes of eucalyptus, rosemary, peony and orange flower, this extravagant beauty blossoms with fragrance.
Spiced Cider – Delicious aromas of slow toasted sugar mixed with sea salt, cream and vanilla bean.
Star Struck: A celestial fragrance blend of golden bergamot, crisp McIntosh apples, sparkling citron, exotic cardamom, and spicy cinnamon leaf.
Sugar Skull – A men’s cologne with notes of lavender, sandalwood, and spices.
Sugared Cranberry – A refreshing blend of fresh, tart cranberries with hints of nutmeg and ginger.
Sweet Honeysuckle – Only nature could make this blooming blend of honeysuckle nectar, exotic fruits, bergamot, rosemary & jasmine.
Tree of Life: Tree of Life scent surrounds you with the rustic winds of the Costa Rican rain forest, sensations of sparkling citrus, woody oak moss, fresh Emerald fir needles, and fragrant Redwood twigs.
Trippy Hippie – A sweet and tart mix of Valencia orange, sour lemon peel, and a splash of jasmine, topped off with a sprinkle of sugar.
Woodstock:  Unites the classic fragrances of citrus, bergamot, lavender & geranium and intertwines them with earthly sandalwood, piney cedarwood & throwback musk.
Yin Yang – A balanced blend of fragrances to elevate the spirit. Bergamot, lemon, lavender, geranium, patchouli, and musk.



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