Rosin Tech Rosinbomb M-60 Cleanout Tool


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The Rosinbomb M-60 Cleanout Tool offers a versatile multipurpose tool that is particularly useful when used with your M-60 rosin press, although it can be used in a variety of non-press-specific ways! This solid stainless steel dab tool offers a flat spatula end that can be used as a collection tool, efficiently and easily gathering wax from parchment paper. The other end presents a heat-resistant silicon tip that perfectly fits into the M-60 rosin press’s Flow Channel so none of your yield goes to waste.
  • Crafted from solid stainless steel
  • Flat spatula end easily scrapes and collects rosin from parchment paper
  • Heat resistant silicon end fits perfectly into the M-60’s Flow Channel to ensure 100% retrieval of your yield


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