Pioneer Glass – One Hitter 3″ Pineapple


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The Pineapple One Hitter from Pioneer Glass is a fruity little one hitter that adds a bit of personality to any smoke session. This miniature chillum stands upright and can also be used as a decorative accessory. Standing just 3” tall, this glass chillum is travel-ready. This novelty one hitter is a perfect choice for those looking for out of the box pieces that don’t resemble the typical cannabis smoking devices.

The chillum’s bowl is found on the very bottom, on the underside of the yellow fruit part of the Pineapple. The green leaves are the mouthpiece, and there is no choke to hold; simply spark your lighter and inhale to take your hit. Each Pineapple is unique, each glass piece will vary slightly from the next.

Do you have some empty space in your glass display case? The Pineapple one hitter is an adorable addition to the rest of your novelty-shaped pipes and chillums. Food-shaped pieces are always a quick sell, and the Pineapple one hitter will catch the eye of any fan of the tropics!


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