Koi Delta 8-9-10 Shot – Pineapple Mango (50mg Total)


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  • 20mg Delta 8
  • 10mg Delta 9
  • 20mg Delta 10

Good things come in threes. Koi Delta 8-9-10 THC Energy Shots blend together a trio of hemp-derived THC’s for an uplifting, but relaxing and mildly euphoric effect. An added bonus of Taurine, Ginseng Root Extract, Caffeine (50mg per shot), Guarana Extract, and Ginkgo provides an energy boost. Choose from three sweet and delicious flavors – Blue Raspberry, Peach Watermelon, and Pineapple Mango – and knock back in a single swig or savor as an easy-sipper.

Note: Delta 8, Delta 9 and Delta 10 THC are NOT CBD and the resulting effect is felt strongly by most people.



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