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 “Keiki” is the Hawaiian word for little one, But don’t let the size of this compact little chugger fool you! The perfect luxury-quality daily smoker, or first addition for aspiring collectors. This simple Classic JBD Uni-Bubble Bong is Fumed with either Silver, or Gold, and stamped with an Official “JBD”


Assorted Marbles: Roll the dice on What assorted marbles will be mounted on the art side of your Keiki; Marbles are packed full of Dicro, Color, Detail, and even assorted Millefiori! 

Nature Motif: Feel the call of the wild and see what Nature Motif gets called to you: Things like Mushrooms, Succulents and Cactus, every kind of tree,  are specialties of our current resident artists. 

Human Form: Another specialty of our current in house artists. From Tiki style to Masquerade, I’ve even seen a mermaid! 

Baker’s Choice: Let Jerome pick your piece! Much like a wand chooses the wizard, such a magical vessel for transformation must choose its master.  These bongs are made with the idea that the inspiration you’ve been looking for will be discovered within the vessel that chooses you. 

**if you have a specific preference you are welcome to add a note at check out, however we can not guarantee your choice will be available at the time because supply is limited, and a substitution, as close as possible to your request, will be made.**


Aproximately 8-14″ tall x 38mm diameter neck x 3.2mm thick with art on the back.

Every piece of glass is hand made in their Las Vegas studio, this makes every single piece one of a kind; yours WILL NOT resemble the picture, but will carry the same caliber of art as well as fit the uniform dimensions specified for this model.


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