Helix Clear Straight Base W/ Fixed Downstem Water Pipe


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Get everything you love about the Helix™ collection plus powerful water filtration with the GRAV® Helix™ Straight Base Water Pipe. The fission downstem cleans smoke by diffusing it through water, and it’s fixed in place to prevent damage. That smoke is cooled and filtered even more when it reaches the Venturi chamber mouthpiece where three air intake holes swirl the smoke into the iconic Helix™ tornado. This added air makes your plant matter go farther, and it makes your hits exceptionally smooth and cool. With an included GRAV® Helix™ 14mm Bowl, all you have to do is add about 2″ of water before you’re ready to have a smoking experience like no other.

The Helix™ Straight-Based Water Pipe is 9″ tall and made on 60mm tubing.

Length  Height : 9″
Joint : 14mm Female
Comes  With : 14mm Helix Bowl


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