GRAV Adapter


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GRAV® joint adapters change the gender of a joint, making water pipes compatible with different accessories.


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Angled Expansion (14/M to 19/M) [A69MX], Angled Joint (14/M to 14/M) [A14MX], Angled Joint (19/M to 19/M) [A19MX], Expansion (14/M to 19/F) [A69], Expansion (14/M to 19/M) [A69M], Joint (14/F to 14/F) [A14F], Joint (14/M to 14/M) [A14M], Joint (19/F to 19/F) [A19F], Joint (19/M to 19/M) [A19M], Reduction (19/M to 14/F) [A96], Reduction (19/F to 14/F) [A96F]


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