Genius Pipe Color – Legally Pink (Black)


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Genius Pipe is the next generation pipe which utilizes patented technology used in cooling nuclear reactors.

Designed for maximum smoke draw and extreme cooling, Genius Pipe provides a healthy experience with lasting results every time.

Color Collection: Genius Color is the ultimate bragging device. Every little aspect of this masterpiece is tailored for your enjoyment. It’s slim, sexy and easy to use. Designed to fit your busy modern lifestyle, this pipe will become your most loved gadget.

Legally Pink (Black)

Light, compact, slick, trendy and sexy – all in one pretty pink package!

Is our Legally Pink pipe becoming a part of modern fashion? You bet! Of course you want to carry it with you and show off as often as you can making your friends jealous. And who could blame you? We certainly would not!

Looks absolutely gorgeous

Makes smoke smooth and pleasurable

Easy to clean

Prevents coughing

Will fit in your pocket or purse

Can be carried loaded

Fun to play with

The thing is Pink!

Includes: One Genius TruTaste screen, Silver Evolution Slider. Ready-to-Use.

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Egyptian Treasure, Legally Pink (Pink/Black)


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