Empire Glassworks – Sushi Narwhal Dabber


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Introducing the Narwhal Sushi Dabber by Empire Glassworks! This scrumptious little fellow is made through artistic lampwork on borosilicate glass.  
Designed as a dual functioning dabber, the long narwhal tooth will assist in picking up your concentrate, while the flat stomach will double as a carb cap!  Great addition to any themed out collection or workstation.  Don’t smoke?  No worries!  This Narwhal Sushi Dabber will make an awesome gift to the sushi & animal lovers alike!  Whale this sure stirs up an appetite!
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Artistic Lampwork
  • Narwhal Tooth Dabber
  • Narwhal Stomach Carb Cap
Height: 2.5″  Width: 1.25″  Length: 2.5″  Weight:   38 Grams


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