DynaVap OmniVap – Titanium XL


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Product Characteristics

  • Midsection: Titanium Stem
  • Condenser: OMNI XL Condenser
  • Mouthpiece: Omni / Titanium
  • Total Length: 109 mm

Product Description

At 109mm, the OmniVap XL Titanium includes the Titanium Tip, Cap, Omni Mouthpiece and XL Condenser Assembly, and a 62mm Omni Titanium Stem. Apart from the stainless steel cap, the OmniVap XL is made entirely of titanium.

The Omni system has a specialized design to allow for simple adjustment of flow restriction, allowing complete control of the vapor and air intake ratio. Adjust by simply twisting the mouthpiece, which extends/retracts the condenser into the tip. It is not compatible with the ‘M’ Tip or body midsections

**VapCap comes packaged in complimentary storage tube.**


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