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Dutch Masters is America’s number one preferred choice in cigars, and has been sold in country since 1911. Dutch Masters are known for their smoothness, mature flavors, mild aroma and very comfortable burn. Dutch Masters have a very large selection of flavors that will suit even the most acquired tastes.

ATOMIC FUSION – These extremely bold and robust Dutch Masters’ Atomic Fusion Cigarillos packing a daring bang, perfect for any connoisseur living, err, smoking on the edge. One of the newest and most unique blends in this renowned, century-old assortment, these Cuban-seed tobacco fillers are meticulously infused with a fiery burst of wild and exotic fruit flavors. For a spicy smoke that really pops and won’t break the bank.

BERRY FUSION – The bold, warm taste of rich berries shines, as the flavor of the ripest and most fragrant fruits are perfectly infused right into this top-notch cigarillo’s American-grown leaf.

BLUE DREAM – The bold, warm taste of rich berries shines, mixed with cream.

DUTCH BLEND SILVER – The silver blend is a milder smoking experience and does not contain any flavor.

HONEY FUSION – These machine made cigars offer the taste of golden clover honey paired with the mild yet flavorful Besuki natural leaf wrapper. The Cuban-Seed tobacco used for the filler further adds character to the flavor profile of the smoke, so you can expect a smooth and flavorful smoking experience that Dutch Masters brand always delivers.

IRISH FUSION – Dutch Masters Irish Fusion Cigarillos are brilliantly crafted in the essence and liveliness of the Eire herself. The popular Dutch Masters brand filler tobaccos are ingeniously blended with sweet Irish cream for an intoxicating aroma that perfectly captures the pleasure of a holiday to the Emerald Isle. Kick back with a pint, some whiskey or a cup of Joe.

JAVA FUSION – Dutch Masters Java Fusion Cigarillos are top-quality sticks bursting with premium coffee flavor. This unique blend of Candela leaf wrappers and short Cuban-seed filler tobaccos really stands out in the flavored Dutch Masters collection, as the distinct coffee-bean infusion provides smokers with all the taste and inviting aromas of some of the finest and freshest cups of Joe.

MINT FUSION – The cool zing of Dutch Masters Mint Fusion Cigarillos offers a crisp and refreshing burst of flavor within each and every pull. Expertly machine-crafted with a special blend of Cuban-seed tobacco fillers and genuine mint leaves, these cigarillos are sure to keep smokers fresh with a simple puff. Just pop and light, these convenient and inexpensive bundles are a minty and tempting treat.

RUM FUSION – One of the most recognizable names in the game, Dutch Masters Rum Fusion Cigarillos provide a shot of, you guessed it, exotic rum flavor perfectly infused into the leaf of these iconic smokes. How can you beat a combination of this legendary stogie and blast of liquid Caribbean-perfection? With a sweet, savory taste and aroma akin to pipe tobacco, this is on-the-go gratification that’ll last longer than any double-shot Cuba Libre.


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Atomic Fusion, Mint Fusion, Rum Fusion


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