Dr. Dabber Boost EVO: Clear Edition


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Boost EVO utilizes our revolutionary IntelliTEMP Technology to calibrate 6 incredibly accurate, reliable heating profiles.

  • Size: 7.75″ Tall (with Glass)
  • Diameter: 2.83″
  • Temperature Range: 500°F to 750°F
  • Heat Up Time: 11 Sec
  • Charging: USB-C Pass Through
  • Auto Shut-off: 15min
  • Hits Per Charge: Up to 60
  • Hold Time: 20 / 40 sec

1 x Dr. Dabber Boost EVO
1 x Boost EVO Quartz Atomizer
1 x Boost EVO Replacement Glass Attachment
1 x Boost EVO USB-C Charger
1 x Boost EVO Quick Connect Adapter
1 x Boost EVO Loading Tool

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