CBDfx 1500mg CBD + 10mg THC Vape Pen – Watermelon Skit


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  • Warning: May cause psychotropic effect*
  • 1500mg Full spectrum CBD per pen
  • 10mg of THC per pen*
  • 5-gram disposable pen
  • Approximately 2500 puffs per pen
  • Ceramic coil with 5mL capacity
  • Easy to recharge with a USB Type-C cable

Our Vape Pen is designed to give you all the relaxing “chill” of a classic strain, but with legal levels of THC. This discrete, easy-to-use vape pen also provides you with the calming wellness benefits of full spectrum CBD — plus a healthy dose of CBN, the ultimate relaxation cannabinoid!**

No buttons to push and easy to recharge with a Micro USB (not included). Simply remove the protective covering and inhale. Easy to recharge with a USB Type-C cable.

The Benefits of Our Delta-9 THC Vape Pen
Due to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system, CBD has a host of wellness benefits for the mind and body.** This is especially true of full spectrum CBD oil, which contains all of the hemp plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and healthy fatty acids. THC not only brings wellness benefits through its own interaction with the endocannabinoid system, but it also can be a wonderful natural relaxant — particularly with strains, such as Purple Punch.

Full spectrum CBD can have a gentle calming effect on the mind and body. Delta-9 THC, particularly in certain strains, has restful quality to it, as well!**

Overall Wellness
CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to help maintain homeostasis, or balance, in several crucial systems and organs. THC also has several wellness benefits, including stress and pain relief, sleep support, and more.**

What Is Full Spectrum CBD?
Full spectrum CBD is the CBD oil that is extracted directly from the buds, leaves and stalks of the cannabis hemp plant. Full spectrum CBD oil contains all of hemp’s healthful chemical compounds, including all cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and healthy fatty acids. There are over 100 cannabinoids in full spectrum CBD, including CBD (naturally), CBG, CBN, CBC, and non-intoxicating, trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%, by law).

What Is Delta-9 THC?
Delta-9 THC is the THC cannabinoid most associated with the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of two major cannabinoids, the other one being CBD. Delta-9 THC should not be confused with delta-8 THC and delta-10 THC, both of which are minor cannabinoids and have somewhat different effects than delta-9. If you take delta-9 in large enough quantities, this THC compound can get you high. But delta-9 also has several wellness benefits, including sleep support, stress management, mood elevation, and more.** The delta-9 THC we use in our CBN + Delta-9 THC Vape Pen: Purple Punch is derived from hemp (not marijuana) and adheres to the THC threshold established by law in the US.

What Is the Best THC Oil You Can Buy?
When you purchase a CBDfx product, you can rest assured that you’re getting highly rated, quality CBD. Every ml of our CBD oil is made with organic hemp at our state-of-the-art US partner farms, and extracted with pure carbon dioxide. All of our CBD products — including Delta-9 THC Vape Pens — are quality tested by an independent, third-party laboratory.

How Can I Tell If My THC Vape Pen Is Made With Organic CBD Oil?
If you’re shopping for CBD, CBN or THC delta products, always look for a detailed report conducted by a third-party lab. Every reputable CBD or THC delta brand will provide independent laboratory reports for all of their CBD and delta cannabis products. At CBDfx, we believe in transparency for our customers and happily provide a third-party lab report for every CBD and delta cannabis product we sell. This means that you can verify the potency of your Delta-9 THC oil and be assured that it contains no harmful contaminants!

How Long Does It Take to Feel the CBD or THC Effects of a Vape Pen?
Vaping THC or CBD is the fastest way to experience the effects of the cannabinoids. This is due to the fact that the CBD and THC are absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs, which occurs much quicker than if you were to eat, say, a CBD gummy or use a sublingual CBD tincture oil. When you use a CBD or THC vape product, you can potentially feel the effects in just a few minutes (or sooner), depending on bioavailability factors, such as weight, height, body mass, metabolism, and tolerance.

Where Does the CBD in a Delta-9 THC Vape Pen Come From?
At CBDfx, all of the cannabis we use for our CBD hemp products is grown in the United States, in the state of Kentucky. All of our cannabis hemp plants are subject to the strict standards of the United States Government.

Our CBD products are made with organic cannabis hemp, containing no GMOs. You can be assured that your CBD product is also free from all pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals often found in CBD products from less reputable brands.

We use a specialized process that utilizes carbon dioxide to extract the CBD oil from the hemp plant. This method leaves behind no potentially harmful solvents, which can happen with other cheaper extraction methods.

All-Natural Ingredients
Once the CBD oil has been extracted from our cannabis hemp, we combine it with other natural ingredients — which are all quality assured under Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

All of our CBD and THC delta products are quality tested by an independent, third-party laboratory. Lab reports for every product are made available on the front page of our website and via a QR code on the product label.

Types of CBD
The CBD used in our Delta-9 THC Vape Pen is full spectrum CBD, which is made with organic hemp and is extracted with clean CO2. See how full spectrum CBD compares to other types of CBD oil.

Using Full Spectrum CBD Oil in Vape Products
The robust ingredient profile of our Delta-9 THC Vape Pen begins with full spectrum CBD oil. As mentioned above, the term “full spectrum CBD oil” refers to CBD as it is directly extracted from the hemp plant, with neither the trace amounts of delta 9 THC or other materials filtered out. And so, full spectrum CBD contains all of the cannabinoids of the hemp plant — including CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and less than 0.3% THC — plus, a powerful profile of terpenes and flavonoids.

Full Spectrum CBD and the Entourage Effect
Full spectrum CBD delivers an experience known as the Entourage Effect for the user. Entourage Effect is the term for the phenomenon by which all of the compounds of the cannabis hemp plant — the cannabinoids, the terpenes and the flavonoids — don’t just work in parallel with one another as they interact with the endocannabinoid system. Instead, CBD, THC, CBN, and the other cannabis compounds actually bolster each other’s effectiveness. So, in a product containing full spectrum CBD oil (such as our THC delta pens), your CBD actually works harder for you than it would if you had taken it on its own.

Full Spectrum Delta-9 Pens and the Role of THC
As discussed, full spectrum CBD contains non-psychoactive trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3% THC, by law). Like cannabidiol itself, those trace amounts of THC actually have many wellness benefits, including sleep support, stress management, mood elevation, and more.** As with other cannabinoids (like CBN), THC contributes to the Entourage Effect that makes your CBD work harder for you. It’s still important to remember that delta-9 can have psychoactive properties if you take a large enough dosage, but delta-9 THC can also provide you with several wellness benefits.

What we’ve done with our delta-9 THC product line is to maximize the wellness potential of delta-9 THC. With the legal threshold of tetrahydrocannabinol content in the US set at 0.3% THC in dry weight hemp, we’ve revisited our CBD oil extract after the THC has been measured, and we’ve increased the amount of delta-9 so that it’s much closer to the legal THC limit. The resulting delta-9 THC product — such as our CBD + Delta-9 THC Vape Pens — is still legally compliant in the US, but it also allows you to enjoy the most THC wellness benefits possible!



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