Al Fakher 050g Pack – Lemon


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One of the most well known and most reliable flavors in the world, Al Fakher shisha tobacco offers up dozens of classic and tasty flavors of shisha tobacco. Their product line focuses on traditional single flavors such Melon, Mint and Peach and they are the best in the hookah business at creating these flavors. When you combine the global popularity of Al Fakher with their quality product, and simple to use and enjoy product, it’s a no-brainer for any hookah customer. The average hookah session in 15-20 grams of hookah tobacco, so each 50g box will hold 2-3 sessions

Al Fakher Flavored Tobacco is Internationally renowned as one of the best Flavored Tobacco brand on the market.

Al Fakher is a premium brand of flavored tobacco and is used primarily by experienced Hookah users because of its smooth and unique smoking experience. The Al Fakher brand’s 50 gram packs allow for Hookah users to try a flavor before buying a bigger tub.  Al Fakher Shisha comes in an array of flavors ranging from modern to traditional variations, and is probably the most renowned brand world wide and known for it great taste, smoke and consistency.



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