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SLX: Ceramix Coated Herb Grinders

We’re always trying to fine the the best herb grinder ever designed. We might have just found the one.

An herb grinder so slick it doesn’t stick. An herb grinder that gives back every atom of resin. An herb grinder so easy to use, it elevates the ritual of smoking – letting you focus on the experience of sharing your herb, rather than fighting with your grinder.

That vision is now a reality. Welcome to SLX: the friction-free future of herb grinders.

The coating is super low friction, so a SLX turns just as easily in 6 months as it did the day you got it. It repels even the stickiest resin buildup, keeping your grinder looking and spinning like new no matter how hard you punish it. Never sticks, never needs cleaning. What more could you want?

What is the coating made from?
The coating is a proprietary ceramic, developed from components used to reduce friction on industrial blades and cutting tools. It will never chip, flake, or burn. The exceptional non-stick capabilities come from a ceramic compound – not PTFE, Teflon, or any other carcinogenic chemicals. Bonded at the molecular level with the aluminum our grinders are machined from, it’s as strong as steel and slick as grease. It’s coating contains zero Teflon or PTFE. It’s completely inert, and 100% FDA certified for food contact.

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