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New Salt Nic juice: Gods Of Egypt

We’re excited to announce a brand new line of flavors for Salt Nic devices called Gods Of Egypt.

It’s available in 3 VERY unique flavors:

  • Raa, the Sun God loves his cucumber mojitos and this flavor reflects how Raa lives his life. This flavor has a sour taste to it from the lime which represents his jaw clenching, more dominant respect. A mint spring to show his pureness finished off with a cucumber slice to show the relaxed, chill side of him.
  • Baset, the original cat woman and a God of Egypt, is an e-liquid flavor of strawberries and watermelon. To top it off, it has a fresh and minty aftertaste to it because of the spearmint.
  • Osirus, the God of the Underworld is a man that likes his orange breath mints. This flavor has a little sweet and kind of sour to it, which shows his power.

Available in 24mg, 36mg, and 48mg Nicotine levels.

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